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26 December, 2013 18:37   ▪  

Lesia Orobets’ to foreign businessmen: stop shaking hands with "politicians and businessmen from the Party of Regions"

Ukrainian opposition MP appeals to foreign businessmen and bankers not to cooperate with the "politicians and businessmen" from the "Party of Regions".

“I appeal to foreign businessmen and bankers. Refuse to cooperate with the "politicians and businessmen" from the "Party of Regions". It will save your reputation from media scandals and save you legal and administrative costs of investigations by your governments,” Ms. Orobets’ says.

In her opinion, with what "Party of Regions " is currently doing to Ukrainian citizens, it is a matter of months before Ukraine's regime finds itself in the company of the Iranian or the Syrian one.

“It will just be the right thing to do in terms of business ethics and social morality. I find it difficult to imagine an ad for a U.S. bank boasting, "We launder money for Al Capone", or a Swiss one, "We provide loans to Assad for his sarin purchases." "Politicians and businessmen" from "the Party of Regions" are in no way different from either Capone or Assad in their methods or entrepreneurial aptitude. Their only tool is intimidation, robbery and blackmail. I think European politicians have understood it in Vilnius,” Ms. Orobets’ appeals.

Ukrainian opposition MP also reminded the latest cases of brutality and violence towards EuroMaidan activists. “despite any and all assurances that Yanukovych has given to Western diplomats, civil activists are being beaten and threatened every night, their cars are being set on fire. These are the methods all too familiar from American gangster movies of the 1920-30s,” she said.

“All the financial rules set in place to fight money laundering seem to be tailor-made specifically for "politicians and businessmen from the Party of Regions". Close the bank accounts of their companies and front men! Do not shake hands with them, do not sign contracts with them,” Ms. Orobets’ appealed.

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