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25 December, 2013 21:53   ▪  

Western politicians and diplomats condemn use of violence against EuroMaidan activists

EU representatives and EU, US and OSCE diplomats said they are concerned on the increasing pressure on civil society activists and journalists in Ukraine.

The US embassy in Kiev said it was "appalled" by Chornovol's beating. They condemn the attack and call for an immediate investigation, which unlike previous such incidents must result in those responsible being held fully accountable under the law.

"We express our concern at a strikingly similar series of events over the last few weeks, targeting individuals, property, and political activity, apparently aimed at intimidating or punishing those linked to the EuroMaidan protests," it said.

OSCE media freedom representative also condemned brutal attack against Ukrainian journalist.

"Attacks on journalists cannot be tolerated, there must be no impunity for the perpetrators. I welcome that President Yanukovich condemned this attack and call on the authorities to conduct a swift and thorough investigation to bring those responsible to justice,” OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media Dunja Mijatović  said.

The EU Delegation to Ukraine is closely expressed its concern at the “increasing pressure on civil society activists, political leaders and journalists who are taking part in peaceful protests in Kyiv and around the country, in support of the association of Ukraine with the EU and for the respect of fundamental freedoms”.

As it was stated the brutal attack the past night on journalist and activist Tetyana Chornovol is unfortunately only the latest one of a number of recent worrying cases.

They noted the prompt call by President Yanukovych for an investigation on the case of Tetyana Chornovol. They hope for a comprehensive investigation of that case and of all other cases of intimidation and violence based on all available and trustworthy evidences and witnesses.

One of the first European reactions was expressed by the Lithuanian Foreign Affairs Minister Linas Linkevicius. “Opposition journalist Tatiana Chernovol was beaten on the street. Intimidation and violence against activists of Euromaidan must stop” he wrote in his Twitter.

Jacek Saryusz-Wolski, Polish MP in the European Parliament said that EU would hold responsibility on Ukrainian authorities for impunity of those who attack Euromaidan organizers, activists and journalists.

As it was reported earlier, two unidentified men attacked journalist and EuroMaidan activist Tetiana Chornovil on the night of December 24-25

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