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10 December, 2013 14:43   ▪  

Ukrainian opposition party HQ were stormed by security forces

On evening of the 9th of December, Ukrainian security forces raided the headquarters of an opposition party, ‘Batkivshchyna’ (Fatherland), and seized computer servers, The New York Times reports.

“They came without any notice, without any explanations, fully armed,” said Natalia Lysova, a spokeswoman for Fatherland in the commentary to The New York Times. “They broke the door, took all the servers and left.”

A day earlier, the security service, known as the S.B.U., issued a curt statement saying that it had opened an investigation into possible treason charges against unnamed politicians. At a news conference with other protest leaders on Monday, Mr. Yatsenyuk said that he had been summoned for questioning on Tuesday.

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