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30 November, 2013 21:30   ▪  

MPs leave the Party of Regions

MP Davyd Zvhania files notice to leave the Party of Regions, his press service reports.

The full text of his notice will be published later. 
Earlier, MP Inna Bohoslovska announced that she is leaving the Party of Regions and its faction in parliament. She offered her plan for the current critical situation. It entails impeachment of President Yanukovych and the Cabinet of Premier Mykola Azarov. 

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“First and foremost, a new majority in parliament should be created to make Ukrainian parliament the main political centre in Ukraine. Second, the new majority should demand Speaker Volodymyr Rybak to properly organize the work of the legislature. If he does not agree to do that or cannot do that, he should resign; the people of Ukraine will be grateful to him,” her statement reads. The third point in her plan is to dissolve Azarov’s Cabinet, and the fourth point is to offer Yanukovych a scenario that can prevent bloodshed in Ukraine and save Yanukovych, his family members and closest circle from revenge: to immediately request the EU for an extraordinary EU-Ukraine Summit to sign the Association Agreement and resign then,” she suggests. “Otherwise, bloodshed is inevitable.”

Earlier, Serhiy Liovochkin resigned as Chief of Staff. He will be replaced by current Interior Minister Vitaliy Zakharchenko. First Deputy Interior Minister Viktor Dubovyk will become new Interior Minister.
After 4 a.m. on November 30, Berkut special police dispersed the EuroMaidan in Kyiv. Kyiv police reported that activists were ousted from Maidan Nezalezhnost as a result of a conflict with utility service employees who came to the Independence Square to fix the Christmas tree. 
After the dispersal 33 activists were detained, 5 of them hospitalized. Nearly 200 activists were sheltered at St. Michael’s Cathedral in downtown Kyiv. 
Currently, St. Michael’s Square hosts a new rally. Another one is scheduled for tomorrow.

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