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19 November, 2013 18:55   ▪  

Opposition gets the parliament to vote for European integration laws as the top priority on Thursday

On November 21, the Verkhovna Rada will vote on the European integration laws first thing, Speaker Volodymyr Rybak announces.

“We have agreed at the consultation meeting to begin the session with the European integration laws on Thursday… My request for heads of committees is to ensure preparation of all these draft laws for consideration at the session,” Rybak said.

Later, the parliament passed the agenda for November 19-22 with 311 MPs supporting the plan and the Communist Party refraining from vote.

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Earlier today, MPs failed to vote on the agenda for this plenary week. However, the opposition insisted on putting European integration draft laws first on the agenda. Then, Speaker Volodymyr Rybak announced a break for a consultation meeting as demanded by the opposition.

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