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20 October, 2013 13:28   ▪  

European Parliament's Vice President calls on the opposition to come to terms with Yanukovych on Tymoshenko despite old grudges

Ukrainian opposition should put old grudges aside and draft a bill that will allow the release of ex-premier Yulia Tymoshenko, EP Vice President Jacek Protasiewicz says in an interview for Radio Polska.

«We have a fantastic ambassador, Jan Tombinski, who now should in the first place persuade representatives of the opposition that it makes no sense to hold grudges about what hapenned, and to prepare the bill if there is a possibility to do so,» he said.

Poland's EMP in the EP said that the worse scenario would be for the opposition to count on the pardon for Tymoshenko or abolition of her verdict. He mentioned that he discussed the possibility of pardoning Tymoshenko with Yanukovych in May, and the President said that Tymoshenko should request him to do so. She refuses to do that.

Protasiewicz called on Tymoshenko and her allies to accept a compromise even if they are not perfectly happy with it since Ukraine's European integration is at stake.

«We need to use this opportunity because the game is about something much bigger than even the state of the ex-premier which is also very important,» EP Vice PResident said. He expressed confidence that the Verkhovna Rada will be able to very swiftly pass the bill - this is confirmed by the recent practice of passing other laws necessary for European integration.

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According to Protasiewicz, he believes that Ukraine and the EU can sign the Association Agreement at the Eastern Partnership summit in November this year.

«This is a historical chance which we cannot lose. I think both Ukrainians and Western European realize that,» he said.

On October 17, President Yanukovych said in Donetsk that he is ready to sign the law that will allow Tymoshenko to go for medical treatment abroad if the Parliament approves it.

The opposition called this statement fraud and time dragging.

On October 16, Marek Siwiec spoke about the concepts of the proposals from the mission of Cox-Kwasniewski for President Yanukovych. These included possible partial pardoning, payment of Tymoshenko's fine and abolition of her right to run for presidency for three years.

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Correction: The previous title, European Parliament calls on the opposition to come to terms with Yanukovych on Tymoshenko despite old grudges, was changed as what Mr. Protasiewicz said in his interview for Radio Polska is his personal opinion (he mentioned that in his Twitter later), not the position of the European Parliament

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