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4 October, 2013 18:03   ▪  

Tymoshenko accepts the proposal to get medical treatment in Germany from Cox and Kwasniewski

Ex-premier Yulia Tymoshenko accepts the proposal to get medical treatment in Germany. Her lawyer Serhiy Vlasenko read her statement on September 4

“Pat Cox and Aleksander Kwaśniewski have handed me the official proposal to go to Germany for medical treatment. I publicly accept this proposal,” Vlasenko read from Tymoshenko’s statement.

“This is not because I don’t trust Ukrainian doctors. I’m sincerely grateful to all doctors, recreation therapists, nurses and anyone helping me at the UkrZaliznytsia (Ukrainian Railway) hospital. It’s not the doctors I don’t trust, it’s the regime which is ready to do anything to get rid of me,” Tymoshenko’s statement says.

Vlasenko mentioned that Cox and Kwasniewski will present their report on how Ukraine complies with the EU’s criteria in preparation for the signing of the Association Agreement with the EU on October 15.


It is for this reason, Vlasenko claims, that European officials insist that Tymoshenko leaves Ukraine by this date.

“This is why European politicians responsible for supervision of Ukraine on the way to the signing of the Association Agreement call October 15 one of the key dates. Time will show whether Viktor Yanukovych can find enough will and meet the request from Path Cox and Alexander Kwasniewski, but all he needs for that is one minute,” Vlasenko noted.

“I  had a meeting with representatives of the European Parliament mission, Pat Cox and Alexander Kwasniewski. They gave me green light to inform you that today, during a meeting with Viktor Yanukovych to make Tymoshenko’s trip abroad legally possible, Kox and Kwasniewski submitted a request to pardon Tymoshenko with their signatures,” Vlasenko commented.

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During the Yalta European Strategy conference in September, Alexander Kwasniewski said that Yulia Tymoshenko needs medical treatment abroad and expressed hope that the authorities will agree to the proposal prepared by the mission of the European Parliament observers.

At the meeting of presidents of the Group of Friends of Ukraine in New York, Yanukovych stated that the issue of Tymoshenko would be solved by October 21. However, in his interview for Bloomberg Yanukovych said that the current legislation does now allow releasing Yulia Tymoshenko or letting her get medical treatment abroad.

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