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25 September, 2013 17:32   ▪  

Yanukovych promises Ukraine’s friends to solve the issue with Tymoshenko by October 21

Ukraine has several more issues on its way to European integration. These include legislation on the Prosecutor’s Office and elections and the issue of ex-premier Yulia Tymoshenko, Viktor Yanukovych said at the Group of Friends of Ukraine meeting in New York, his press-service reports

In this context, Yanukovych noted that Cox-Kwasniewski mission is currently working on the issue of Tymoshenko.

“The mission is working right now, and it is very important. There was an impression earlier that we are not willing to do anything. Today, there is a common viewpoint on many issues. It will be known when the mission draws its conclusions, closer to the meeting of the Council of Ministers of Foreign Affairs on October 21,” the President said. 

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Meanwhile, in his interview to Bloomberg, Yanukovych said that the effective legislation does not allow releasing Yulia Tymoshenko or letting her take medical treatment abroad. 

“The Tymoshenko issue is a very complex one. It would be simpler if she attended trials but she refuses to do so,” Yanukovych stated.

The last time he commented on this issue was in his interview for the top Ukrainian TV channels in August 2013. He said in it that the issue would be solved within the framework of the legislation.

Meanwhile, the European Parliament’s special envoy Aleksander Kwasniewski said at the Yalta European Strategy conference on September 19-22 that Yulia Tymoshenko does need treatment abroad and expressed hope that the government will agree to the proposal prepared by the European Parliament’s mission.

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