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16 September, 2013 17:22   ▪  

Political analyst: Ukraine has two enemies of European Integration - Russia and itself

Moscow’s efforts to push Ukraine away from the EU have only led to growing the number of supporters for Kyiv's integration. Now, the Ukrainian government has to roll up its sleeves and make sure the Association Agreement is signed at the Vilnius summit, political consultant Yuriy Kochevenko writes for EurActiv.

“The official Moscow, to put it mildly, is not really happy with our choice of the foreign policy development vector. And the recent complications in the field of the economic cooperation of the two countries which were already called the “trade war” clearly prove that,” the article claims.  But “All Moscow’s efforts only led to the fact that the number of those who sympathise with our state (Ukraine – Ed.) in the European establishment had grown,” the expert condludes. 

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However, the only serious threat for Ukraine’s European integration now is posed by Ukraine itself. “Only Ukrainians are capable of making European future come true… We are provided with the opportunities. The only thing left is to work with our sleeves rolled up and use those opportunities,” Yuriy Kochevenko suggests.

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According to the research conducted by the Rating sociological group on September 25 through October 5 2012, 52% of Ukrainians support accession to the EU while 41% opt for unification with Russia and other former USSR republics. “The gradual shift of the attitude in favor of the European choice demonstrates Ukrainian people’s understanding of lack of the alternative to the chosen way,” the expert concludes on EurActiv.

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