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15 September, 2013 10:15   ▪  

World Happiness Report 2013: most CIS countries feel happier than Ukraine

Ukraine lands 87th out of 156 in the World Happiness Report 2013, experts estimate for the UN

Over the past year, Ukraine climbed four points up, adding an extra 0.032 of happiness points (in 2012, its position was 91). This time, it is next to Ghana at 86 and Latvia at 88.

Still, most CIS countries are ahead of Ukraine: Russia is 68th, Belarus is at 66, Moldova at 53, Kazakhstan at 57, Turkmenistan at 59 and Uzbekistan at 60.

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Denmark and Norway retain their leadership with the first and the second places respectively. Switzerland goes third, followed by the Netherlands and Sweden.

Canada came sixth, and Finland dropped to place seven from the top three in which it was last year. Other countries in the ten happiest ones are Austria, Iceland and Australia.

The 10 least happy countries are Senegal, Syria, Comoro Islands, Guinea, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, Central African Republic, Benin and Togo.


The rate is based on the following criteria: GDP per capita, political freedoms, social safety net, the level of trust in society, the lack of corruption and generosity. Experts used survey data of the American Institute of Public Opinion.

According to various other surveys, Ukrainians have become more patriotic but less happy, and freedom of speech declines in Ukraine. Their biggest fears are unemployment and economic crisis.

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