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12 September, 2013 19:39   ▪  

MEP Kowal: EU should remove trade and visa barriers with Eastern Partnership countries

Head of the European Parliament's Delegation of the EU-Ukraine Parliamentary Cooperation Committee Pawel Kowal has called for the removal of trade and visa barriers with the Eastern Partnership countries and reiterated the need to sign the Association Agreement with Ukraine before the summit in Vilnius, Interfax reports.

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The MEP said this in his speech in the European Parliament in Strasbourg on Wednesday during a debate on pressures exercised by Russia on the Eastern Partnership countries.

"We need to remove trade and visa barriers. And if we can do that today, even before the summit, we will be able to prove that we can do something substantial. Maybe, we should sign the agreement several days before the scheduled date. It will give a concrete result, and it would be welcomed," he said.

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