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5 September, 2013 12:34   ▪  

Rada schedules reelection in troubled districts for December 15

371 MPs voted to hold reelection in five first-past-the-post districts on December 15

185 Party of Regions MPs, 67 Batkivshchyna MPs, 34 UDAR MPs, 31 Svoboda MPs, 31 CPU MPs and 23 independent deputies supported the initiative. The opposition announced that it would nominate single candidates who are already known in these five districts. Later, the Central Election Commission said that the parliament still has to amend the State Budget to fund these reelections.

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In November 2012, the Central Election Commission declared the outcome of the vote at districts 94, 132, 194, 197 and 223 impossible to count as a result of numerous violations during the voting and vote counting.

Earlier, the Party of Regions insisted on holding reelection in two other districts where Oleksandr Dombrovsky and Pavlo Baloha were elected but were stripped of their MP mandates by court later.

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Batkivshchyna’s Arseniy Yatseniuk said that the issue of reelection in these two districts is no longer on the agenda.

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