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21 August, 2013 16:24   ▪  

Anders Åslund: with his new trade war Putin is more likely to isolate Russia and force Ukraine into the European community

President Vladimir Putin's policy on Ukraine is tragicomic. It is as aggressive as it is unsuccessful. Writes a senior fellow at the Peterson Institute in his blog in The Moscow Times

“Although Ukraine is high on his political agenda, Putin seems to get it all wrong. His latest mistake is to toy with a trade war,” writes Åslund 

Expert also adds that “Yanukovych has put the Ukrainian economy in a miserable state. It has been in recession for the last year, and its international reserves are in quick decline, having fallen from a peak of $38 billion two years ago to $22.7 billion at present, covering only 2 1/2 months of imports. Neither the International Monetary Fund nor the EU is prepared to help Ukraine, given Yanukovych's poor economic and human rights policies.

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Putin's actions suggest that he is intent on forcing Yanukovych down on his knees. But  Putin is more likely to isolate Russia and force Ukraine into the European community.”

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