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15 August, 2013 10:31   ▪  

UEFA Bans Kurchenko’s Club From Participation in Eurocups

The Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) has finished consideration of disciplinary proceedings against Metalist Football Club. The result is debarring of the Kharkiv club from the participation in 2013/14 Eurocups season. UEFA press service reports about this.

The UEFA Appeal Court has passed judgment as to the disciplinary proceedings against Metalist launched based on Articles 2.04g, 2.05 and 2.10 of the UEFA Champions League Regulations.

The Appeal Court of the European Football Union had studied all the appeals and papers submitted by the club, as well as appeals and papers received from the UEFA disciplinary inspector.

The club has the right to lodge an appeal in respect to this decision of the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS).

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Meanwhile, the UEFA Emergency Panel consisting of five members of the UEFA Executive Committee held a meeting on August 14 to discuss consequences of this decision for the tournament.

Let us remind, in early August in Lausanne, CAS ruled the Metalist-Karpaty match to be a fixed one. The match took place on 19 April 2008 and finished with 4:0 victory of the Kharkiv club.

According to the court decision, both clubs will have to pay a fine to the total of USD 25,000. Besides, the decision on the Kharkiv club deprivation of 2007/2008 season bronze medal shall stand. Metalist Sports Director Yevhen Krasnikov is obliged to pay a fine in the amount of USD 10,000 and won’t be able to practice any sports activity for five years.

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As it is known, in December 2012, Metalist President Oleksandr Yaroslavskiy withdrew referring to pressure of Kharkiv officials. Businessman Serhiy Kurchenko is the new owner of the club.

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