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7 August, 2013 14:48   ▪  

Ukraine landed up in top-10 World's Worst Spam Producing Countries

Ukraine received 4th position in top-10 spam-countries in the World with Number of Current Live Spam Issues: 585. The Spamhouse Project reports

“Most of the world suffers from the spam problem. However, some countries do little to deter spammers from operating within their borders. These countries become safe havens for the spam operations that plague everyone else, including their own nationals,” The Spamhouse Project reports.

Leaders of the rating are United States (Number of Current Live Spam Issues: 3203), China (Number of Current Live Spam Issues: 1438), Russian Federation (Number of Current Live Spam Issues: 973).

To the top-10 belong United Kingdom (Number of Current Live Spam Issues: 520), Japan (Number of Current Live Spam Issues: 496), Brazil (Number of Current Live Spam Issues: 411), Germany (Number of Current Live Spam Issues: 357), Italy (Number of Current Live Spam Issues: 348) and the Netherlands (Number of Current Live Spam Issues: 344).

“Countries with the highest number of spammers operating within their networks are usually those with poor or non-existent spam laws,” comments the Spamhouse Project.

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Two Ukrainian professional spam gangs are also included into top-10 World's Worst Spammers. The TOP 10 chart of ROKSO-listed spammers is based on those Spamhaus views as the highest threat, the worst of the career spammers causing the most damage on the Internet currently. Spamhaus flags these gangs and individuals as a priority for Law Enforcement Agencies.

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