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12 July, 2013 17:10   ▪  

The number of protests has grown 60% since Yanukovych came to power

Over three and a half years under the Yanukovych regime, the number of protests has grown from 2,305 in 2010 to 3,636 in 2012. They now cover a wider territory and have grown more radical, The Ukrainian Week writes in the article titled Will Ukraine Rise? in the upcoming issue due after July 18

Protests had different reasons but one thing they had in common was apolitical nature in the beginning and gradual politization. Most protests were local in terms of territory or social groups whose interests were violated.

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“The rest of the population were sympathetic about these rallies but were not ready to support “someone else’s” interests actively,” the article writes. “This allowed the government to suppress protest sentiments that many Ukrainians share, as the latest sociological surveys suggest, albeit in a very fragmented form. This is unlike, say, Bulgaria, Turkey, Brazil of Egypt where hundreds of thousands of protesters had no more reasons to rise than Ukrainians do.”

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