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9 July, 2013 15:49   ▪  

Transparency International Global Corruption Barometer: Ukraine has become more corrupt over the last two years

The latest report shows that ukrainians strongly believe that their state has become more corrupt over the last two years, Transparency International Ukraine informs

According to the report, which was collected from a survey conducted by local Gallup affiliate ROMIR, found that three-quarters of those surveyed believe that public-sector corruption is a ‘very serious problem,’ and that more than 80 percent believe that personal connections are key to navigating the public sector. Even more respondents agreed with a stronger indicator of institutional decay: that the country is run by a few big entities looking out for their own interests.

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“Correspondingly, there is little faith in official interests to combat corruption. Eighty percent also rated official anti-corruption efforts as ‘ineffective’ or ‘very ineffective.’

The judiciary rates as the most corrupt institution, scoring 4.5 on a 5-point scale, closely followed by the police and public servants. At the other end of the spectrum, NGOs and religious bodies were rated as the least corrupt institutions. Overall, 37 percent of respondents reported paying a bribe in the last twelve months,” adds Transparency International Ukraine.

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