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4 July, 2013 16:32   ▪  

Lithuanian Foreign Minister Linas Linkevičius: The Association Agreement is not just technical negotiations with just another partner; it is a geopolitical process

“If “plan B” is needed to ink the Association Agreement between EU and Ukraine, it would undermine seriously the Eastern Partnership programme, it would undermine the reliability, the credibility of that programme. That would undermine our vision of Europe, open and free,” said Lithuanian Foreign Minister to EurActiv

“Linkevičius also said the EU would not impose additional conditions on Ukraine, and that all necessary technical preparations for the signature of the association agreement would be done from the Union’s side. The Lithuanian minister said he had the feeling that the two sides were getting “closer to the goal” of signing their landmark agreement, but that the “window of opportunity” would not be open “forever”, reports EurActiv

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Ukraine, however, has not yet completed the preparatory work needed to conclude an association agreement. Ukraine had a lot of outstanding work to do before the deal can be signed, including addressing EU concerns about governance and democracy.

Linkevičius pointed to the general prosecutor, who in Ukraine is appointed by the president. He said that this post should become independent and no longer be subject to political influence, adding that this requirement was a “must” before the summit takes place in Vilnius.

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