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4 July, 2013 12:41   ▪  

Alexander Motyl: It is naive of any Western policymaker to believe that after Ukraine joins the Association Agreement the EU will have greater influence over Yanukovych

Ukraine should be strategically anchored inside Europe and use the long drawn-out ratification process by 28 EU members and the European parliament to secure a deal on Tymoshenko, cites GlobalPost

“Signing the Association Agreement has its pitfalls: it would be naive of any Western policymaker who believes that, with a culture of believing in “free lunches” and saying “nyet” to Western criticism and advice, they will have greater influence over Yanukovych after Ukraine joins the association agreement,” says Motyl

Motyl says, "Not signing the association agreement would be an inconvenience for Yanukovych and a disaster for Ukraine. Signing will be great for Ukraine and a minor help for Yanukovych. Hence the EU should sign but then use its bureaucratic creativity and effectively make the agreement's actual implementation contingent on Yulia Tymoshenko’s release."

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