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2 July, 2013 17:08   ▪  

Bad news is clouding the EU’s progress in Eastern Europe

A series of sex- and-bribery scandals in the new EU states is clouding the EU’s progress in Eastern Europe, reports GlobalPost

“The Czech Republic is embroiled in a sex-and-bribery scandal after anti-corruption police swooped in on the prime minister's office and arrested his glamorous head of staff. Bulgaria's government has been in power only three weeks, but already faces mass demonstrations demanding its resignation over graft allegations. The European Parliament has accused Hungary of lurching toward authoritarianism. And Slovenia is struggling to avoid becoming the next euro zone bailout case,” writes GlobalPost

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It is almost a decade after most countries of the former Soviet Bloc joined the European Union, however not much has been changed to transform these countries into true democracies.

Despite negative talks about EU enlargement, Peter Stano, the European Commission's spokesman on enlargement issues believes that "It has been proved that enlargement is one of the most successful EU polices," cites GlobalPost.

"We are extending the zone of stability and of prosperity, even if that sounds a little ironic in the current circumstances," Stano added. "If you look at the benefit and results of enlargement you see it’s not a cause of the current problems, it is part of the solution."

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