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1 July, 2013 16:10   ▪  

Piracy vs intellectual property rights in Ukraine: heading to improvement

Ukraine is moving to protect intellectual property and its foreign investors

“The USTR’s  (United States Trade Representative) Special annual “301” report listed Ukraine as a “Priority Foreign Country,” the first time in seven years it has put that label on any country. This means it considers Ukraine the world’s leading pirate of such things as films, music, software, games and television programs,” The American Spectator reports

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While the Ukrainian government admits this, it is moving a new law through the parliament (No. 2056a) that will protect owners and producers of copyrighted works.

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“If this kind of corrective legislation is not quickly put into place, a sanction applied to Ukraine could have a serious impact on foreign direct investment in a country that is working hard to build a stable, growing economy and to strengthen the institutions of its young democracy. Foreign direct investment has been growing,” The American Spectator writes 

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