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27 June, 2013 15:34   ▪  

Radoslaw Sikorski: “If Ukraine will not meet the conditions for signing the Agreement, then we will have some plan B”

Sikorski said that Ukraine had “time until the end of the summer, if it wants to sign the Agreement in Vilnius,” reports EurActive

“Diplomats said failure to sign the agreement in Vilnius will likely delay the process by two years because the new European Parliament and Commission that will emerge from the 2014 European election process will probably want to reassess the bloc's future relations with Ukraine,” writes EurActive

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The Polish diplomat stressed that “everything is up to Ukraine. If it will not meet the conditions, then we will have some plan B," he added.

“It's up to the parliament to pass the laws," Sikorski said, warning that voting on them “at the last moment” would be insufficient. European institutions have to assess the state of preparations in Ukraine, and "assessments take weeks”, Sikorski explained.

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He promised that if the Ukrainian authorities meet the conditions, Poland “will do its best to persuade others” to go ahead with the Agreement.

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