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5 June, 2013 15:00   ▪  

Survey: Ukrainians trust the church and the media, but not Yanukovych

Ukrainian society trusts only three social institutions – the church, the mass media and the army, finds a survey by the Democratic Initiatives foundation and the Razumkov Centre held on May 17-22.

31.7% of those polled trust the church completely, 38.4% trust it most of the time, and 9.3% do not trust the church at all. For the mass media, the numbers are 10.3%, 48% and 12.6% respectively. 58% trust Ukrainian media and 33% trust the Russian ones. For the army, the numbers range from 8.2% to 40.4% and 18.3% respectively.

Meanwhile, the Verkhovna Rada, the President, courts, political parties, the government, the police, the Prosecutor’s Office and local authorities have a negative balance of social confidence.

Only 6.5% of those polled trust the President completely and 45% do not trust him at all. For the VR, the numbers range from 1.6% to 45.1% of those polled. As to the Cabinet of Ministers, 3% trust it completely and 44.1% do not trust it.

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