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5 June, 2013 11:00   ▪  

The VR’s investigation of 2012 election rigging ends in a flop

VR Speaker Volodymyr Rybak announces termination of the temporary committee to investigate violations in the 2012 parliamentary election.

According to Rybak, the committee was expected to provide its report by April 21 but failed to do so. On May 21, its term expired. 

Head of Committee, Batkivshchyna’s MP Arsen Avakov said that the committee did prepare the report but the VR did not register it. According to Svoboda’s Ihor Shvaika, representatives of the pro-government faction were rarely present at the committee meetings and essentially boycotted its work.

Following the election, the European Network of Election Mission Organizations (ENEMO) described the vote counting as non-transparent and listed voter bribery, multiple voting and transportation of voters to polling stations as the most widespread violations. International Election Monitoring Organization CIS-EMO considers the parliamentary election legally incomplete. Subsequently, a temporary committee was set up at the VR to investigate the rigging and violations in the 2012 parliamentary election. This was one of the opposition’s requirements before it unblocked the parliament.

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