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4 June, 2013 15:40   ▪  

EU Mission in Ukraine expresses concern about the Constitutional Court’s decision to postpone election in Kyiv

The EU Mission in Ukraine expressed concern about the Constitutional Court’s decision to hold the city council election in Kyiv in 2015, said Press Secretary David Stulik in his comment.

“Given the general goal of Ukraine’s progress in terms of political association and economic integration with the EU, we pay close attention to the respect of common values, including democratic principles, such as free and fair elections,” he said. The EU Mission representatives believe that elections should take place within reasonable timeframes. “In this context, we are deeply concerned with the delay of the local election in Kyiv, last held in 2008, until 2015,” Stulik underlined.

On May 30, the Constitutional Court ruled to hold the city council election in Kyiv alongside local elections throughout Ukraine due in October 2015. In response, the opposition announced that it would request the Venice Commission for its evaluation of the Constitutional Court’s decision. Meanwhile, the opposition believes that the decision does not prevent the Verkhovna Rada from setting early city council and mayor elections in Kyiv. A bill has been registered in the legislature to hold the elections on October 27, 2013.

On June 2, the term of the Kyiv city council and mayor in office as entailed by the Constitution ended.

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