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3 June, 2013 12:26   ▪  

The Party of Regions’ candidates win most village and town mayor elections

On June 2, 2013, 117 villages and towns throughout Ukraine held early mayor elections. Candidates nominated and supported by the Party of Regions won the elections in six bigger towns in Crimea, Zakarpattia, Kyiv, Luhansk, Mykolayiv and Chernivtsi Oblasts, the party’s press-service reports. Overall, 101 out of 117 newly elected village and town mayors are Party of Regions’ members.

The loss of the opposition was perfectly expected, comments Vadym Karasiov, Director of the Institute for Global Strategies. “This was a prologue to any elections that will take place until and in 2015,” he said. “On Sunday, the opposition lost to administrative leverage, not the Party of Regions. 2015 election will also be the opposition’s campaign against the government in its administrative leverage aspect. This will not be an average election held under normal rules, where polling results are worth relying on 1.5 years before the presidential election. Therefore, the opposition should not relax given high rates of Klitschko or any other opposition leader. They will face the state administrative machine in the election represented by Yanukovych…

If the local elections hadn’t taken place on Sunday, someone should have staged them just to show the opposition what is most likely to happen… And it will not be anything like 2010. Then, the administrative leverage was relatively neutral, while the government, including its administrative and financial instruments, was not involved as much. The campaign was between political actors. In 2015, the election will be between the opposition as a political actor and the state administrative and financial system as its counterpart,” Karasiov noted. 

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