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31 May, 2013 17:49   ▪  

Only 15% of all charity organizations in Ukraine actually work

“Up to 2,000 new charity organizations have been emerging annually in Ukraine lately,” says Anna Hulevska-Chernysh, Director of the Ukrainian Philanthropists Forum.

“This upheaval is not surprising given the numerous election campaigns taking place at this time. Politicians use philanthropy to buy the voters’ affection. However, only 2,000 or 15% of the 15,000 registered charity organizations actually work in Ukraine.”

According to a joint survey by the Democratic Initiatives foundation and Razumkov Centre, 21% of Ukrainians have supported charity foundations, and a mere 6% said that trust for them was their main motivation.  

“Ukraine barely has any statistics of philanthropy” Anna Hulevska-Chernysh explains. “Tax authorities do not provide this information because it will show that charity is taxed in Ukraine, and that’s nonsense in most other countries. And most charity organizations do not publish financial statements because huge fiscal pressure urges them to seek ways to evade it.”

Read more about philanthropy and charity organizations in Ukraine in the latest issue of Ukrayinskyi Tyzhden in Ukrainian or the next issue of The Ukrainian Week available from June 19.

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