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29 May, 2013 19:55   ▪  

Hanne Severinsen: The Ukrainian government plays a dangerous play opening up for observer status

Everybody knows that it is not possible to be member of the Custom Union and have Association Agreement with EU at the same time. So the Ukrainian Government plays a dangerous play opening up for observer status, former head of PACE Monitoring Committee writes in her comment for The Ukrainian Week.

I have seen Ruslan Demchenko, First Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, cited for saying ”There is no question of observer status, now we're only creating the conditions that will form this status from a legal point of view.” But - like it is said about pregnancy: You cannot be only half pregnant!
Perhaps the Ukrainian government thinks that they can choose between different doors, but they will risk the European door, that is so much wanted by most of the Ukrainian people.
The government is playing with Ukraine’s future that will set the signing of the Association Agreement with EU at stake.

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