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29 May, 2013 17:00   ▪  

Customs Union gives consent to grant Ukraine observer status

Supreme Eurasian Economic Council supported Ukraine’s intention to gain the status of an observer in the Customs Union at the level of member-state leaders, Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev said at the briefing after negotiations of the Customs Union member-state presidents and the leaders of Ukraine and Kazakhstan on May 29 in Astana.

“Ukraine expressed interest in obtaining observer status under the framework of the Customs Union, Common Economic Space and, in the future, Eurasian Economic Community,” Nazabayev commented on the joint statement of five presidents.

He noted that the presidents of Ukraine and Kyrgyzstan were invited to take part in the Supreme Eurasian Economic Council meeting. Kyrgyzstan is expected to join it.

“We have supported their intentions and taken respective decisions,” Nazarbayev noted and mentioned that the presidents agreed to have experts start preparing necessary documents to be considered at the next Supreme Eurasian Economic Council meeting.

Ukraine has expressed the intention to cooperate with the Customs Union in a 3+1 format, i.e. participate in some agreements within the Customs Union but not become a full-fledged member. Earlier, Russia said that this option was unacceptable.

Meanwhile, the EU stated many times that Ukraine cannot be member of the Customs Union’s Common Economic Space and be in the free trade zone with the EU simultaneously.

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