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28 May, 2013 16:00   ▪  

Foreigners will pay USD 560 for the right to work in Ukraine

The government passed a new procedure for employment of foreigners and people who have no Ukrainian citizenship to protect Ukrainian labour market from unprofessional workforce, and decreased the number of certificates required by the previous employment procedure, the Ministry of Social Policy reports.

According to the Oleh Prutenko, Deputy Director of Labour and Employment Department, the Cabinet of Ministers adopted the Decree on the Issuance, Extension and Cancellation of the License to Employ Foreigners and Non-Citizens to adjust procedures to the Law on Employment enacted in January 2013.

Since employment of foreigners creates competition for Ukrainians, Prutenko noted, the issuance of the respective license will be charged at the rate of four minimum wages, i.e. UAH 1,147x4=UAH 4,588 from January 2013).

“Employers will transfer these fees to the Mandatory State Social Unemployment Insurance Fund. The revenues will be used to create new jobs, pay unemployment benefits and undertake other measures to increase employment,” Prutenko explains.

Also, in order to protect the market from unprofessional workers, the license will only be issued if the public unemployment agency has no candidates with respective skills to offer.

“It is now easier to obtain the license compared to the previous procedure,” Prutenko comments. “The number of documents employers file to get the license goes from 15 to 8, while the deadline for the public unemployment agency to review them is down from 30 to 15 days. The term of the license remains at up to one year.”

The license does not apply to foreigners living in Ukraine on a permanent basis, employees of foreign mass media, athletes, artists, rescue services, embassies and foreigners implementing projects of international technical assistance or teaching at public universities in Ukraine.

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