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30 April, 2013 16:06   ▪  

Rebecca Harms: ECHR ruling will help to re-establish the reputations of all former persecuted members of government

I am delighted with the ruling of the Strasbourg judges. This further demonstrates a clear criticism of political persecution in the Ukraine and the court ruling strengthens all those who fight for human rights and for the liberation of Tymoshenko. The important 2012 ECHR ruling on the case of Yuri Lutsenko has paved the way for the liberation of the Ukrainian politician,” said Rebecca Harms President of the Greens/EFA group in the European Parliament.

"For the European Union, this ruling brings fresh motivation to continue to work to free Tymoshenko and to re-establish the reputations of all former persecuted members of government. It also signifies support for Pat Cox and Alexander Kwasniewski, who on behalf of the EU, are negotiating on this issue with the Ukrainian government.

"Selective, political justice in the Ukraine must end. In a democratic state neither government nor head of states should abuse their power by controlling and punishing their political opponents through unjust trial and imprisonment," added Harms.

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