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29 April, 2013 12:29   ▪  

Ukraine’s brain drain: in 15 years 1622 scientists left Ukraine

More than 1622 Ukrainian scientists (with PhD) have left the country between 1996 and 2011 in a comment for The Ukrainian Week informs State Statistics Service of Ukraine.

Low salary and lack of states support as well, as low state’s funding of research institutions and Universities pushes scientists to emigrate. State’s funding of education and science in Ukraine is 2-3 times lower that that of Russia (0.57% GDP) and Belarus (0.76% GDP).

Vast majority of scientists-emigrants are those who have received PhD in Biology, Medicine, Mathematics and Physics. 

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Ukrainian scientists often find new homes in the USA (420 persons), Russia (388) and Germany (251 persons). Such countries as Israel (117), Canada (109) and Poland also are among new places to immigrate.

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