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25 April, 2013 11:49   ▪  

Leonidas Donskis: Germany and France can become a problem for signing of the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement

The expansion of the EU thus far was somewhat problematic in terms of reconciliation of political sensitivities; therefore, Germany and France can be against the Agreement.

“I am convinced that Poland and Lithuania are sincerely passionate about Ukraine and its future in the EU, and they, therefore, strongly support signing of the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement. I know that it is a top priority for Lithuania during its presidency in the EU. In addition, I believe that two other Baltic States (Latvia and Estonia), Central European countries (the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary), and two EU members from Southeastern Europe (Bulgaria and Romania) will keep their fingers crossed for Ukraine and will support the Agreement” sais MEP Leonidas Donskis.

MEP also mentions that Germany and France could be against the Association Agreement not because they do not wish you well or have no trust for Ukraine. But because accession to the club of such an important and big country may change the balance of power and influence, which is a headache of the powerful EU players..       

“Though, the largest and the most influential EU countries are concerned, I hope for an important and positive role of the UK, although some of my British colleagues obviously overreact to the Tymoshenko case”, Donskis claims.

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