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24 April, 2013 16:58   ▪  

Transparency International Ukraine: government pointlessly wastes 95% of anti-corruption money

The coalition of seven Ukrainian NGOs have monitored the implementation of The National Anti-Corruption Programme for 2011-2015 with the funding of UAH 820mn. Results show that urgent actions are needed to make the process effective.

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“Ukrainian anti-corruption law scores 2.7 out of 5 points in the evaluation of its efficiency. Only eight out of 120 state anti-corruption projects are funded properly,” claims Oleksiy Khmara, Chief of Transparency International Ukraine.

 “95% of money is being spent on projects that have nothing to do with the fight against corruption. Deadlines of some projects have been already missed and the National Anti-Corruption Programme itself has a lot of mistakes, misconceptions. All these things make implementation of the programme impossible,” Khmara notes. “Due to inactivity of the officials, anti-corruption program is on the verge of a collapse.”

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