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24 April, 2013 15:02   ▪  

Alexander Motyl: The Regionnaires are panicking

The Regionnaires have lost their constituency and, thus, the battle for the future. They know they’re in trouble and they don’t know what to do about it. Writes Alexander Motyl in his Blog in Word Affairs

“The Regionnaires haven’t just lost time in the run-up to the 2015 presidential elections. They’ve lost the hearts and minds of everyone under the age of 50. In particular, Internet-savvy young people—and Donetsk, with its many universities, is full of them—know that the people running the Party of Regions.” 

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“Young people use the Internet today. I am more than certain that in no other country, aside from Russia and us, do they write such filth about the first persons of the state … “

Small wonder that, when Hennadii Kostyukov, the mayor of Kramatorsk, finished his talk in Donetsk, February, 28th, someone from the audience drew the logical conclusion and cried out: “Kill them all!”

Moreover, the Artemovsk city website contained a large portrait of our president and provincial deputies with the caption “Traitors of the Donbas.”

On April 3rd members of the Party of Regions were pelted with snowballs in Kyiv. The Press Service of the party interpreted it as heralding the rise of fascism.

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“What is currently taking place is the direct route to crisis and the country’s bankruptcy. It’s a complete rejection of the promises and commitments made three years ago, and a betrayal of those who for many years gave their support and believed in the development and blossoming of Ukraine!!!” comments Valery Konovalyuk, who appointed President Yanukovych’s adviser in 2010.

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