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16 April, 2013 12:00   ▪  

Viola von Cramon: Yanukovych exactly knows that Lutsenko`s pardoning is simply not enough to improve his image

The over all climate of repressions in Ukraine has not been improved so far, Viola von Cramon, a member of the "Alliance '90/The Greens" group in the Bundestag, said in a comment to The Ukrainian Week.

„I am happy that Yuriy Lutsenko and Heorhiy Filipchuk were pardoned. But one might see this as a first step towards the right direction. I hope therefore Ukraine starts to begin the many other outstanding cases of selective justice. The judicial reform is a crucial element of the association agreement and have to be carried out without any delay,“ von Cramon highlighted.

“As Mr. Yanukovych exactly knows this act of pardoning is simply not enough to improve his image. I just remind you of the three key issues where the EU is expecting determined action in order to sign the agreement: selective justice, shortcomings of the October elections and advancing Associations Agenda reforms. Tymoshenko is the most prominent case, but not the only outstanding one. Progress must be seen in all areas. Then we might talk about signing,“ she claimed.

 Viola von Cramon said she doubts Lutsenko`s pardon will influence Ukraine’s position in international rankings made by human rights organizations.

“The pardoning is appreciated, yes. But the over all climate of repressions has not been improved so far,“ German MP stated.  

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