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3 April, 2013 11:10   ▪  

Russian ambassador: The EU has never offered - and in my view will never offer - full membership to Ukraine.

EU has never promised full membership to Ukraine, whereas Eurasian economic union has done it from the outset, Vladimir Chizhov, Russian representative to EU, told in his interview to EurActiv.

“The EU has never promised – and in my view will never promise – full membership of the EU to Ukraine. Whereas the Eurasian economic union is from the outset offering full membership to the Ukraine,” Chizhov said.

He highlighted the exceptional cultural and economic ties between Russia and Ukraine, and added: “So when Western commentators speak of ‘Russian-speaking eastern Ukraine’, that sounds ridiculous, because the whole of Ukraine is Russian speaking, in parallel with Ukrainian.”

As quoted by EurActiv he said that a period of “difficult relations” between Russia and Ukraine during the reign of former Ukrainian president Yuschchenko “is now behind us”.

“The Ukrainian people have seen that these policies were not leading them anywhere,” Chizhov stated. 

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