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28 March, 2013 12:00   ▪  

Olaf Osica: after four years, it appears that Eastern Partnership has not brought any political or social results

After four years, the EU's Eastern Partnership (EaP) has not delivered any tangible political or social results, Olaf Osica, director of the Centre of Eastern Studies in Poland, said during the discussion in the European Parliament.

The EurActiv quotes Osica as saying that Russia was reaching out “better than the European Union” to many of the countries concerned and their political elites and business communities, without having specific budgetary lines, comparable to EaP.

Osica also stressed that the ultimate goal of EaP was not clearly underlined, which was not making its work easier.

“Are we talking about potential future EU membership, are we talking about deeper political cooperation or are we talking about economic integration,” he asked a rhetorical question....After four years, it appears that the EaP has not brought any political or social results he said. Ordinary people, be it in Ukraine, Moldova or Georgia, don’t see EaP as a factor in their life,” he underlined.

“People in the administration in these countries openly say they have no motivation to become more involved in the implementation of reforms, because regardless of the progress, they would have received the funds allocated to them in advance,” Osica added.

Osica said that after four years the political and social conditions in all EaP countries were at the same level, if they had not deteriorated.

“In Ukraine the situation has deteriorated, Georgia is a question mark, the EU is losing the momentum for the most ambitious countries: Moldova, Georgia, also to some extent Ukraine”, he commented.

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