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19 March, 2013 08:10   ▪  

Amanda Paul: Ukraine's leadership is totally predictable in one respect - it fails to deliver on its commitments

“After the summit held on February 25 in Brussels the EU-Ukraine relations are further deteriorating,” Amanda Paul, Policy Analyst and Programme Executive at The European Policy Centre, argues in her blog on Turkish newspaper Today`s Zaman.

“Unfortunately, a mere two weeks after the (EU-Ukraine – Ed.) summit, relations took another blow. There is significant concern over the annulment of independent Rada deputy Serhiy Vlasenko's parliamentary mandate as well as over recent legal proceedings leading to the possible removal of fellow lawmakers Pavel Baloga and Alexandre Dombrovski from their parliamentary seats. This situation has once again raised concerns about the selective use of justice in Ukraine, a contradiction of the pledge that Ukraine's leadership made to EU leaders,” says Paul.

“One cannot help but wonder how Ukraine is going to move forward from this latest fiasco and how anyone can realistically believe that the country is serious about delivering on its promises to the EU. It seems to me that Ukraine's leadership is totally predictable in one respect: It fails to deliver on its commitments and, more importantly, fails its own people,” believes expert. 

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