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19 March, 2013 08:05   ▪  

Expert: Yanukovych’s latest steps are signs of the regime’s isolation, illegitimacy, and weakness

“Viktor Yanukovych must sense that his own cadres are grumbling and could at some point even be tempted to go against him,” Alexander J. Motyl, American historian and professor of Political Science at Rutgers University, writes in his blog on The World Affairs Journal.

“Why else would the Higher Administrative Court, which consists of Yanukovych flunkies, strip Yulia Tymoshenko’s defender, Serhiy Vlasenko, and Party of Regions' member small-fry Andriy Verevsky of their status as parliamentary deputies on the grounds that the law forbids having outside jobs?”, wonders Motyl. “Yanukovych is signaling to all disgruntled deputies that one false step could lead to their forfeiture of the goodies that come with deputy status. The opposition already knew that, just as they knew that opposition could land them in jail. Now the Party of Regions' members know it as well. Worse, Yanukovych’s Ministry of Income and Taxes can now swoop down on them and seize their assets,” underlines expert.

“Yanukovych’s moves are acts of desperation, and the Party of Regions' deputies, who are well versed in the art of treachery, know full well that the new ministry and the court’s decision are just signs of the regime’s isolation, illegitimacy, and weakness. Now is the time to start looking for ways to jump ship. Of course, Yanukovych knows they know, so expect him to react in the only way he knows how: by accumulating still more power, waving his fists, and retreating into even more complete isolation,” Motyl believes. 

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