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20 August, 2014 01:25   ▪  

A convoy of Russian military vehicles enters Luhansk

A convoy of Russian military vehicles enters Luhansk, reports journalist referring to the commanders of army units currently on the frontline

The convoy is a battalion tactical group of 150 military vehicles, including tanks and GRAD multiple missile launchers, and 1,200 troops in Russian uniform with no Russian insignia, journalist reports referring to her sources.

The convoy is currently on the 30 rokiv Peremohy (30 Years of Victory). It is known that the Russian vehicles entered the Ukrainian territory three days ago but did not enter Luhansk back then.

According to available information, the convoy had been based near the river of Siverskiy Dinets, then entered Mykolayivka from the town of Pionerske, and then proceeded to Luhansk.

Anti-terrorist operation commander in Luhansk Oblast, Ihor Voronchenko, later confirmed that a convoy of Russian military vehicles is in Luhansk Oblast in a telephone comment to Hromadske.

“The convoy entered the territory of Ukraine three days ago. This is 1,200 people, most likely Russian military servicemen, 150 armoured vehicles, including tanks and GRADs,” he said.

Earlier he reported that anti-terrorist operation forces had entered Luhansk and were purging the city of terrorists. 

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