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15 August, 2014 14:57   ▪  

Russian APCs cross Ukrainian border

A convoy of APCs and army trucks has crossed the Russian-Ukrainian border at Izvaryne, the checkpoint captured by the separatists, the Anti-Terrorist Operation headquarters report

According to the latest updates, the convoy is moving towards Molodohvardiysk, Luhansk Oblast.

“Reconnaissance data indicates that a convoy of APCs and URAL army trucks crossed the border through Izvaryne, a temporarily shutdown Ukrainian checkpoint, and entered the Ukrainian territory. It also confirms that the plates and insignia on the vehicles were Russian,” the report says. 

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According to the ATO headquarters, the convoy is not big but it is hard to count the exact number of the APCs and trucks. According to preliminary data, armed soldiers were inside the trucks.

The border department of the Russian FSB in Rostov Oblast has not confirmed information about Russian army vehicles crossing the Russian-Ukrainian border yesterday reported in a number of Western media.

On August 14, a Guardian correspondent reported that Russian military vehicles entered Ukraine as Russia’s aid convoy stopped short of the Ukrainian border

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