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16 July, 2014 12:50   ▪  

National Guard: Terrorists attack Ukrainian military in Donetsk Oblast in tanks

Terrorists attack Ukrainian anti-terrorist operation forces with tanks, mines and anti-tank guided missiles near the villages of Marynivka, Tarany and Stepanivka in Donetsk Oblast, the National Guard’s press service reports

The terrorist attack began at 4 a.m. on July 16.

The fight near Marynivka lasted for over an hour. The National Guard repelled the attack and took the offensive while terrorists retreated to Stepanivka.

Three Ukrainian military were reportedly injured and the infrastructure in Marynivka badly damaged.

“The fighting continues near the village of Tarany where the terrorists continue to attack the National Guard. The assault is being carried out from Saur-Mohyla and Stepanivka. The terrorists are shelling the anti-terrorist operation forces with mines, tanks and anti-tank guided missiles. One National Guard serviceman is reportedly injured. The losses of terrorist are being updated,” the National Guard’s report says.

At night on July 15-16, terrorists shelled Ukrainian anti-terrorist operation forces.

On July 15, the National Security and Defence Council reported of 258 Ukrainian servicemen killed over the course of the anti-terrorist operation. 

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