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11 July, 2014 16:20   ▪  

Russian tanks and AFVs arrive in Luhansk

Nearly 20 tanks and AFVs crossed the Russian-Ukrainian border at night on July 20-11

The convoy that reportedly included HETs (Heavy Equipment Transporters), trucks and APCs entered Ukraine from the direction of Krasnodar Raion and headed to Luhansk. The locals say that the vehicles were moving with their lights off.

The number plate on one vehicle said “21st Region of the Russian Federation” (Chuvashia).

Then, before dawn, a convoy of tanks rode the same route to Luhansk. The locals noticed five T 72 tanks. In the morning, the residents of Karl Marx Street district in Luhansk saw the tanks.


Russia keeps sending its tanks and AFVs to Eastern Ukraine. “Four trucks with the mercenaries were reportedly moving from the Russian side today; 20 tanks and 120 armoured vehicles that got here from the side of Russia are reportedly on the territory of Luhansk Oblast,” said Yuriy Stets, Head of the Information Security Department, National Guard, at a briefing on July 4.

The tanks have numbers of Russian military units on them, he added. Another proof was the credit card of a Russian bank with the record of domestic transactions in Russian found at one vehicle, along with a document that looked like a technical passport for a Russian armoured vehicle.

“It had Russian coat of arms and a signature indicating that it is owned by a Russian military unit. The data in it says that it is not just separatists or bands [operating in Eastern Ukraine]. It’s the Russian military,” he said. 


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