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11 July, 2014 15:24   ▪  

UPD: 23 servicemen killed, 93 injured over the past 24 hours in Luhansk Oblast

According to Zorian Shkiriak, Advisor to the Interior Minister, 30 Ukrainian servicemen were killed last night during the shelling with BM-21 Grad multiple rocket launchers near the village of Zelenopillia, Donestk Oblast. ATO spokesperson Vladyslav Selezniov reports 32 killed and 93 injured

Inaccurate information is being spread about the large number of servicemen killed in the anti-terrorist operation, Selezniov wrote on his Facebook page. "I officially inform you that 23 Ukrainian servicemen and border guards were killed over the past 24 hours while on various missions in various areas of the active anti-terrorist operation," he wrote. "93 Ukrainian servicemen and border guards were injured. All the injured have received qualified medical assistance," he noted. 

Earlier today, Zorian Shkiriak, Advisor to the Interior Minister, reported about more people were killed in the shelling by terrorists in Luhansk Obalst. “So far, we know about 30 people killed from public sources; there may be more victims because these bloody bastards have once again shelled our military from the Grad launchers and the damage is huge,” he said at the briefing on July 11 in Kyiv.

The response from the Ukrainian military will be quick, he said. “Our attitude to those who raised arms against the Ukrainian people, the Army, and the National Guard will be clear and understandable after this yet another bloody terrorist attack,” he added.

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“They will be punished: destroyed or taken prisoner, and will answer for what they did according to the Ukrainian law,” Shkiriak noted.

“The shelling from the Grad multiple missile launcher took place at 4.30 a.m. near the village of Zelenopillia, from the direction of the state border. Information on the losses is being updated,” representatives of the anti-terrorist operation headquarters said.

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