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30 June, 2014 18:58   ▪  

SBU detains terrorists intending to blow up Kyiv-Kharkiv railroad

SBU, Ukraine’s Security Service, detains five members of the terrorist group. They intended to blow up the railroad from Kyiv to Kharkiv, its press service report says

According to the report, the group was organized by the 45-year old Kharkiv-based man who followed the instructions of diversionist Igor Bezler, aka Bes.

Bezler instructed the man to blow up the train carrying artillery munitions.

All members of the group were detained when they were installing the explosives on the railroad.

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They had 0.5kg of explosives, including TNT, electronic detonators and batteries.

During the search of their apartments, the SBU found another 1.5kg of TNT, firearms and munitions.

The investigators have launched criminal proceedings under Article 258 (terrorist act) and 258-3 (organization of a terrorist group or terrorist organization) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

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They are currently detained and notified of being suspects in the abovementioned crimes.

On June 29, an explosion took place on the railway bridge in Kharkiv Oblast. 

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