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30 June, 2014 18:50   ▪  

National Security and Defence Council: The plan of anti-terrorist assault ready, the military await the order

Ukrainian military have been fending off attacks of terrorists and awaiting the order for assault; the plan for it ready by now, Andriy Lysenko, press-secretary for the Council’s information center says

“Right now, the peace plan is being implemented. Our men are on the ground. When necessary, they fend off attacks. Plans have already been elaborated for assault actions, equipment prepared. People are awaiting the order,” Lysenko says as quoted by LigaBuisnessInform.  

He denied accusations of leaving the military helpless in the anti-terrorist operation area, banned from fending off attacks when necessary.

“It is impossible to neutralize our armed men, our protectors. They will always fend off attacks well. They have armoured vehicles and anti-tank guns. You know, one officer stopped a tank of terrorists with a few shots the day before yesterday,” Lysenko noted. 

“Our military are constantly getting all they need, including food, APCs, tanks and mortars. They have it all,” he added. 

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