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30 June, 2014 18:40   ▪  

Terrorists shell the airfield in Kramatorsk and checkpoints near Sloviansk during truce

Terrorists shelled the bases of Ukrainian military near Kramatorsk airfield and checkpoints near Sloviansk, the villages of Makariv and Avdeyevka, the Anti-Terrorist press service reports

“Last night, terrorists in Eastern Ukraine shelled checkpoints and bases of Ukrainian military several times. At half past twelve, the militants  launched fire from machine grenade launchers and artillery at a checkpoint of the Ukrainian Army near Kremennaya village,” the report says.

Another vehicle arrived to help the militants. Ukrainian military launched fire from the ZU-23 AA mount, fending off the attack. No soldiers were killed.

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At night, the militants also shelled the airfield in Kramatorsk, the checkpoints of Ukrainian military near Sloviansk, and the villages of Makariv, Avdeyevka, and Karachun hill. The military fired back.

“Therefore, the gangs of terrorists continue to unilaterally break President Poroshenko’s peace plan to regulate the situation in Eastern Ukraine,” the report says.

On June 20, President Poroshenko announced temporary ceasefire to all units of the Ukrainian Army, National Guard and Border Service. The anti-terrorist operation troops were only allowed to open fire as a protection measure.

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Following talks in Donetsk, the terrorists allegedly agreed to cease fire on from June 23 through June 27, yet they kept breaking the truce.

On June 27, Interior Minister Arsen Avakov said that over 20 Ukrainian military were killed during the “truce”.

Overall, the terrorists have broken the ceasefire over 50 times.

On June 27, the ceasefire was extended for another 72 hours, till June 30. 

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