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28 June, 2014 18:40   ▪  

European Commission says Gazprom’s threats against reverse supplies of gas to Ukraine are unacceptable

The European Commission says that threats to “punish” European companies that supply or transit gas to Ukraine by Gazprom’s CEO Alexei Miller are absolutely unacceptable

The Commission expects Gazprom to continue as a reliable supplier and to comply with its contract obligations to its EU partners.

Nothing keeps EU companies from free disposal of gas bought from Gazprom, so there is nothing semi-fraudulent in such commercial transactions that include the sale of gas to consumers inside the EU, or to third countries like Ukraine, the European Commission representative said.  

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According to earlier reports, Gazprom’s CEO Alexei Miller said that Gazprom could limit the supply of gas to European companies that will provide reverse deliveries of gas to Ukraine.

On June 16, Gazprom switched to supply of gas to Ukraine based on advance payments, delivering only the amount of gas intended for European consumers to the Ukrainian gas transit system.

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Ukraine expressed intention to continue the increase of gas supplies from Europe.

From September 1, 2014, Ukraine expects a reverse corridor from Slovakia to open. Its capacity will be 27 mn cu m per day.

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According to a report by UralSib, a financial corporation, Gazprom would lose nearly USD 3bn in 2016 if the EU accepts a Ukrainian proposal to begin large-scale reverse gas flows through Slovakia to Ukraine, The Moscow Times reports. 

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