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28 June, 2014 17:50   ▪  

SBU arrests terrorist “Czech” responsible for the movement of military vehicles from Russia

The SBU, Ukraine’s Security Service, arrests a member of the terrorist organization acting in Eastern Ukraine, its press service reports

According to the report, the person known as “Czech” was the leader of a group of militants.

The terrorist was detained on the Donetsk-Sevastopol (Crimea) train in Novooleksiyivka, Kherson Oblast.

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The SBU found out that Czech had been getting instructions from the infamous terrorist leader Igor Bezler, aka Bes.

Czech was in charge of a group of 25 militants that controlled the movement of military vehicles and equipment, including anti-aircraft mounts, tanks, and diversionists from the territory of Russia to Sloviansk and Horlivka, both cities in Donetsk Oblast.

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Despite the ceasefire, terrorists continue the shooting of anti-terrorist operation groups near Sloviansk. 


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